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Hydrotalcite CAS 12304-65-3


As a new type of material, hydrotalcite has some special physical and chemical properties due to its special layered structure, such as adsorption, catalysis, interlayer anion exchangeability, weak alkalinity and so on. Hydrotalcite is now widely used in chemical, material, pharmaceutical and other industries. At present, the research on the synthesis, preparation and application of hydrotalcite has become one of the hot spots of new materials. With the in-depth research on hydrotalcite materials in the future, hydrotalcite materials will serve mankind better.

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Product Name: Hydrotalcite

CAS No.:12304-65-3

Molecular Formula:CH24Al2Mg6O23

Molecular weight:603.98


Appearance White powder
PH 8.0-10.0
antacid ≥260ml
Na ≤0.10%
chloride ≤0.2%
Sulfate ≤0.7%
alkali metal carbonate Conform
weightlessness on ignitio 40.0-50.0%
heavy metal ≤0.002%
Arsenic salt ≤0.0003%
Alumina 15.3-18.7%
Magnesium oxide 36.0-44.0%
The ratio of alumina to magnesiacontent 0.40-0.45

Packing:  25KG/drum Can be packaged separately according to customer requirements


①Neutralize gastric acid: This product can maintain the pH value of gastric juice between 3 and 5, and neutralize 99% of gastric acid.

② protect the gastric mucosa.

③This product can adsorb and bind pepsin, directly inhibit its activity, which is beneficial to the repair of ulcer surface.


Store in a cool, dry place for 24 months.


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