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Triethylenediamine CAS 280-57-9


Triethylenediamine is an important chemical raw material, used as a catalyst for polyurethane, and also used as oil additive; used as a corrosion inhibitor in boiler water treatment, and also used as a catalyst for polyurethane foaming and polymerization, epoxy resin curing Accelerator, catalyst for acrylonitrile, ethylene and alkoxyethylene oxide; as a non-nucleophilic base, a reagent for splitting β-ketoesters and geminal esters and dehydrohalogenation reactions, forming with organomagnesium, lithium, zinc compounds complexes to increase activity and participate in many reactions


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Product Name: Triethylenediamine

Synonym: Triethylenediamine

CAS No.:280-57-9

Molecular Formula:C6H12N2

Molecular weight112.17


CAS NO 280-57-9
Batch No 210812
MFG DATE 2021 08 12
RETEST DATE 2022.08. 11
Package 25KG/DRUM
Test items Specifications Results
Appearance White to light yellow solid Conforms
Assay 99.5 PCT min 99.93%
Ethanol 0 20 PCT max 0 07%
Water 0.40 PCT max 0.06%
Color 50 HAZEN max 6 HAZEN
Conclusion The result conforms to the standard as above.

Packing: 25KG/DRUM


Can be used in the production of various products such as polyurethane foam, elastomer and coatings

Catalysts and petroleum additives for the preparation of polyurethane foams.


Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.


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