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Factory Facilities

JINAN JINBANG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is located in Shandong Peninsula with convenient export geographical advantages. We are a chemical enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D Production and sales of PVC Plasticizer, catalysts, Surfactant, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.  

Founder’s Note

Sagacity, Strive, Solution, Success

Our Products

The manufacture of chemical equipment requires a vast knowledge base of

processes and understanding of fundamental concepts.  

Production Capacity

Our series of plasticizers and flame retardants meet the annual production capacity of 50,000 tons, and our independent product research and development team supports the development of new series of products.

Storage Equipment

Professional and advanced storage and filling equipment, 900 tons of raw material storage tanks to maintain the daily supply.

Transportation System

Full traceable logistics system

Quality Control

Our investment in our laboratory equipment exceeds more than US$50,000, And also each batch of our products will go through a strict inspection process to ensure that our customers receive goods with guaranteed quality