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Myristyl Dimethylamine Oxide CAS 3332-27-2

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Product Name: Myristyl Dimethylamine Oxide


Dimethyl(Tetradecyl)Amine Oxide; 1-Tetradecanamine, N,N-Dimethyl-, N-Oxide;

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 3332-27-2
Molecular Formula C16H35NO
Molecular Weight 257.46
Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Hazen ≤50
PH(5% aqueous solution) 6.0-8.0
Active Substance, % 25±1
Free Amine, % ≤ 0.7
Hydrogen Peroxide, % ≤ 0.2


Packing: 200KG/Drum;


Myristyl Dimethylamine Oxide can be widely compatible with anionic, cationic, non ionic, and amphoteric surfactants, significantly improving the overall performance of the product;

Has good thickening, anti-static, softening, foaming, and decontamination properties;

Good washing performance, rich and stable foam, mild nature, excellent anti-static and flexibility;

Low irritation, can effectively reduce the anionic irritation in detergents, and also has characteristics such as sterilization, calcium soap dispersion, and easy biodegradation.


Widely used for preparing tableware detergents, shower gel, hand sanitizer, textile additives, and other hard surface cleaning agents. Recommended dosage: 2.0-15.0%


Store in a cool and dry place.


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