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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Iridium(III) chloride hydrate CAS 14996-61-3


Iridium trichloride hydrate is one of the most common compounds of iridium Ir, and is often used as the initial raw material for synthesizing other iridium compounds and preparing iridium-containing catalysts. Iridium-containing compounds and catalysts are widely used in petrochemical and organic synthesis fields.

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Product Name: Iridium(III) chloride hydrate

Synonym: Pharmaceutical intermediates, organic intermediates.

CAS No.:14996-61-3

Molecular Formula:Cl3H2IrO

Molecular weight:316.58


Appearance black crystallinepowder
Iridium content >60.00%
purity >99.90
Pt <0.0050
Pd <0.0050
Ag <0.0050
Au <0.0050
Cu <0.0050
Ni <0.0050

Packing: Packaging according to customer requirements.

Application:For the preparation of other iridium complexes, it can be used as a catalyst.

Storage: airtight, keep in cool and dark place


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