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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Dexpanthenol CAS 81-13-0


D-panthenol (D-panthenol) is an equivalent of D-pantothenic acid and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Specific preparations such as oral liquid, eye drops, multivitamin injections, shampoo, mousse, moisturizing cream Wait.

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Product Name: Dexpanthenol

Synonym: Pharmaceutical intermediates, organic intermediates.

CAS No.:81-13-0

Molecular Formula:C9H19NO4

Molecular weight:205.25


Identification ofBlue vitriol Dark blue
Identification ofIron trichloride Purplish red
Identification ofIR Conform to standardspectrum
Assay 98.0-102.0
Residue onignition ≤0.1
Related substances(Aminopropanol ) ≤1.0
The specificrotation +29.0 to +31.5
Refractivity (20°C) 1.495-1.502
Moisture ≤1.0

Packing: Packed in plastic drums with a net weight of 25kg.Customized packaging according to customer requirements.


It is widely used in medicine, food and cosmetic industries.

  1. In the pharmaceutical industry, as a vitamin B drug, it participates in metabolism;
  1. In the food industry, it is used as nutritional supplements and fortifiers to promote the metabolism of human proteins, fats and sugars, improve hair luster, improve immunity, and prevent the occurrence of diseases;
  1. In the cosmetics industry: the nursing effect on the skin is manifested as a deeply penetrating moisturizing agent, which stimulates the growth of epithelial cells, promotes wound healing, and has an anti-inflammatory effect;

Storage: airtight, keep in cool and dark place


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