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Zinc oxide Cas 1314-13-2


Zinc oxide, also known as zinc white, is a kind of pure white powder, which is composed of small amorphous or acicular particles. As a basic chemical raw material, it has a wide range of applications, such as rubber electronics, medicine, coatings and other industries.

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Product Name: Zinc oxide

Synonym:  Zinc oxide

CAS No.: 1314-13-2

Molecular Formula:ZnO

Molecular weight81.39


melting point 1975 °C
solubility 0.0016g/l insoluble
appearance White to pale yellow
Pb 0.008
Cu 0.0002
ZnO 99.7%



Zinc oxide can be used as white pigment in printing and dyeing, paper making, matches and pharmaceutical industries. Used as vulcanization activator, reinforcing agent and coloring agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex in rubber industry. It is also used in the manufacture of zinc chrome yellow, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, zinc chloride and so on. In addition, it is also used in electronic laser materials, fluorescent powder, feed additives, catalysts and so on. It is used in medicine to make ointment, zinc paste, plaster, etc.



 Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.


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