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Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine CAS 82985-35-1


KH-1170 is a secondary amino disilane. Its molecular structure has a secondary amino functional group containing only one active hydrogen and six hydrolyzable alkoxy groups (methoxy groups). This dual reactivity makes it possible to pass The two-way chemical reaction with inorganic materials (glass, metal, fillers) and organic polymers (thermosetting resins, plastics, elastomers) improves the bonding, adhesion and compatibility between the two, thereby improving the resin-based composite materials Mechanical properties or improve the bonding strength and water resistance of the resin coating. In different applications, it can be used as a coupling agent, adhesion promoter, curing agent, surface modifier for pigments and fillers, etc. Its disilane structure is twice as much as the hydrolyzable alkoxy of ordinary silane, so it can form a higher crosslink density with the polymer.

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Product Name: Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine

Synonym:  KH-1170

CAS No.: 82985-35-1

Molecular Formula:C12H31NO6Si2

Molecular weight341.55


Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Chroma ≤50(Pt-Co)
Assay ≥93.0%
Specific Gravity 1.030-1.050g/cm³(20℃)
Refractive Index (nD) 1.410-1.430(25℃)

 Packing: 25KG/DRUM

KH-1170 is methoxy silane, its hydrolysis speed is obviously faster than ethoxy silane SCA-A67X, but the side reactant of its hydrolysis reaction is methanol, which is less environmentally friendly. 


  1. Used as an additive or as a primer solution for polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, nitrile, phenolic, acrylic and other coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants to improve the adhesion, corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance of resin coatings. Weather resistance, boiling resistance and scrubbing resistance, extend the service life, and improve the dispersion and bonding of the pigment and filler in the resin phase, which can greatly increase the crosslinking density of the product and provide better adhesion to the substrate
  1. Used in resin sand casting and resin abrasive tools to improve the bonding force and water resistance of resin and silica sand or abrasives.
  1. As an amine curing agent for epoxy modified silicone resin and epoxy resin.
  1. As a secondary amino silane for the end-blocking modification of isocyanate, the reaction is mild and controllable. It is used for one-component, primer-free polyurethane adhesives and SPUR adhesives. It provides good water resistance, weather resistance and resistance to many different substrates. Good adhesion of the material, reducing the content of free isocyanic acid, making the product more environmentally friendly.


Storage: This product must be sealed and kept in cool & ventilated place.


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