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Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate Cas 55406-53-6

Function: Iodopropynol butyl carbamate (IPBC) is a new type of preservative for cosmetics. It has antibacterial effect and is more soluble in surface agents, emulsifiers, and polar solvents.

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Synonym:3-iodo-2-propinyl-butylcarbamate ; Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate ; IPBC

CAS No.: 55406-53-6

Molecular Formula:C8H12INO2

Molecular weight281.09


Total active Ingredient (HPLC) / % ≥99.0
Melting Point / ℃ 66-68
Moisture/% ≤0.2
MeOH solution Clear Solution


Packing: 25kg/carton ; 25kg/drum

Application:It is a fungicidal compound added to the pigment to prevent the color change due to the growth of mold during storage and improve the shelf life of the pigment. Adding to the paint can be stored for a long time, or it can fully and effectively prevent the aging and discoloration caused by mold infection on the coated surface to maintain a long-term decorative effect. Adding to water and oil can prevent water and oil from producing color due to the action of mold. IPBC can also be used to treat wood to prevent mildew. If used in leather or other fiber industrial products, it has a good antibacterial and killing effect.

Storage: No special storage conditions, please store in a dry and dark place


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