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Sodium Laurate CAS 629-25-4

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Product Name: Sodium Laurate


Sodium dodecanoate;

Molecular Structure:



Item Specifications
CAS No. 629-25-4
Molecular Formula C12H23O2.Na
Molecular Weight 222.30
Appearance White powder
Loss on Drying, % ≤6.0
Acidity (calculated as H+), mmol/100g ≤5.0
Burning residue (calculated as sulfate), % 29.0-32.0
Iodine Value ≤1.0
Heavy Metals, % ≤0.0020
Pb, % ≤0.0010
As, % ≤0.0005


Packing: 20KG/Bag;


Sodium laurate is a fine white powder, which feels smooth. Soluble in hot water and hot ethanol, slightly soluble in organic solvents such as cold ethanol and ether. It has excellent abilities in decontamination, foaming, emulsification, dispersion, wetting, and penetration.


Sodium laurate is an important raw material for making soap and shampoo for textiles, and also an indispensable component in soap. It can be used as an excellent surface active agent, emulsifier, lubricant, and stain remover for cosmetics.


Store in a dark, cool and ventilated place.


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