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Calcium acetylacetonate CAS 19372-44-2

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Product Name: Calcium acetylacetonate


Calcium 2,4-pentanedionate;

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 19372-44-2
Molecular Formula C10H14CaO4
Molecular Weight 238.30
Appearance White powder
Loss on Drying, % ≤1.5
Assay(Ca), % 16.6-17.5
Particle size, μm ≤40
Melting point, ℃ 277-284
Heavy metals, % ≤0.0020


Packing: 20KG/Bag;


Calcium acetylacetonate is a white powder with slight odor. It is insoluble in water, ethanol, benzene and other organic solvents, but soluble in methanol.


Calcium acetylacetonate, as an additive, is the most commonly used heat stabilizer in formulations including halogenated polymers, especially PVC. Matching with PVC environmental calcium zinc stabilizer, it can significantly improve its stability and Congo red time. It is also used as a catalyst, and can also be used as a resin crosslinking agent, resin hardening accelerator, resin rubber additive, super conductive film, heat reflective glass film, transparent conductive film forming agent, etc, It is an environmentally friendly product that replaces lead containing additives.


Store in a dark, cool and ventilated place.


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