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SODA LIME CAS 8006-28-8


  1. Low dust

Nanotechnology effectively guarantees the hardness of our products, almost no dust

  1. High efficiency;

Special drying and water replenishment technology makes the pore gap larger and carbon dioxide absorption more efficient

  1. Easy to distinguish;

Two different color rendering technologies, reliable indicator control technology, sensitive color changes during use help to replace

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Product Name: SODA LIME

Key word:  Soda lime;  Cas: 8006-28-8  ;Carbon dioxide absorbent

CAS No.:8006-28-8

Molecular Formula:CaO.NaOH

Molecular weight96.07 


Items Standard
CO2 absorption rate >25%
Moisture absorption <7.5%
Moisture 10%~15%
Particle hardness >80%
Size Of Granule Cannot pass 4 meshes
pass 40 meshes

 Packing: 4.5KG 16KG


When used as a closed loop anesthesia, it absorbs carbon dioxide produced by the patient’s breath. It has the advantages of high absorption efficiency, low dust, and one-time use. It can reduce the tedious work of doctors to replace absorbents, avoid cross-infection, and is easy to use.


Store in dry and dark place


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