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Candida antarctica lipase CAS 9001-62-1


• Mild reaction conditions
•Selectively function on multifunctional substrates
•Active both for bulk liquid substances and in presence of organic co-solvents
•Suitable for both continuous fixed bed reactor and batch mixing tank
•Can be recycled many times without big activity loss
•Suitable for large-scale industrial production
•No residual in final product nor protein pollution
Can be used together with metal cataly

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Product Details

Chemical Name:Candida antarctica lipase

CAS No.: 9001-62-1

Appearance: white beads

(Product) Typical Properties

Items Result
Appearance White to slightly yellow beads
Activity(PLU/g) ≥10000
pH Optimum 5.0-9.0
Temp Optimum 30-60℃
Carrier Acrylic resin
Particle 300-700um
Recycle times 5-10times
Moisture <5%

Enzyme preparations and biocatalysis:

Enzymes are proteins with biological catalytic function, compared to traditional
Higher catalytic efficiency
Mild reaction condition
Strong selectivity
No side effects
Therefore, biocatalysis has become an increasingly important tool in the field of food, medicine, synthesis, etc.


Lipases are one of the most commonly used classes of enzymes in biocatalysis. Lipases can be used in the water phase or organic phase catalytic hydrolysis, alcoholysis, esterification ester exchange reaction, which are widely used in oil processing, food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

Advantages of immobilized lipase:

Lipases are fixed to an elaborately designed solid phase carrier; so that it would gain superior performance than the original enzyme:
Better performance in the non-aqueous phases
All-round stability improvement. Catalytic reactions can be carried out under relatively harsh conditions
Will not deteriorate or decline rapidly in application effect caused by storage problems or the multiple use
Easy to separate from reaction system, and to avoid protein pollution
Recycling and reuse of catalyst and thereby decreases the cost of enzyme
The protection of solid carrier makes the operation more secure

Packing: 25kg/bag;500g/bag


It is recommended to store at 4-8 degrees


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