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Pyromellitic acid CAS 89-05-4

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Product Name: Pyromellitic acid


Benzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarboxylic acid; 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetracarboxylic acid;

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 89-05-4
Molecular Formula C10H6O8
Molecular Weight 254.15
Appearance white powder crystal
Melting Point, ℃ 281-284.5
Boiling Point, ℃ 317.36


Packing: 25KG/Drum; 25KG/Bag


Pyromellitic acid is a white powder crystal, which is refined and dried from crude pyromellitic dianhydride obtained by gas-phase catalytic oxidation of durene in air. It is easily soluble in alcohol and slightly soluble in monoether and water. Pyromellitic acid is a chemical intermediate with many uses.


Used in the synthesis of polyimide, octyl pyromellitate, etc., and is the main raw material for the production of matting curing agents.


The product is stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources, and should be stored separately from oxidants and alkalis. When handling, it should be lightly loaded and unloaded to prevent damage to the packaging.


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