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Glutaraldehyde CAS 111-30-8

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Product Name: Glutaraldehyde


Pentanedial; Glutaric dialdehyde

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 111-30-8
Molecular Formula C5H8O2
Molecular Weight 100.12
Appearance Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid
Mass 50.0-51.5
PH 3.1-4.5
Color, Hazen ≤100
ρ20℃,g/mL 1.11-1.13

Packing: 200kg/Drum; IBC Drum



Glutaraldehyde is a colorless or yellowish clear liquid with a slightly irritating special odor, which is soluble in water and organic solvents such as ether and ethanol. There are not many free forms in aqueous solutions, with a large number of different forms of hydrates, while most of them are in the form of cyclic hydrates. It has active properties and is prone to polymerization and oxidation. It reacts with compounds containing active oxygen and nitrogen. The reaction with proteins mainly involves the reaction of carbonyl groups with amino groups in protein molecules. Among known aldehydes, Glutaraldehyde is the best protein crosslinking agent.


Glutaraldehyde is widely used in fields such as petroleum extraction, healthcare, biochemistry, protein cross-linking agents, and is also widely used in industries such as instrument hygiene, leather processing, plastics, adhesives, fuels, spices, textiles, papermaking, printing, photography, etc. It can also be used to synthesize various organic reagents and prepare heterocyclic compounds.


Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place.


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