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Fulvic acid CAS 479-66-3


Fulvic acid can promote plant growth, especially can properly control the opening of stomata on the leaf surface of crops, reduce transpiration, play an important role in fighting drought, can improve stress resistance, increase yield and improve quality. It can be mixed with some non-alkaline pesticides. Often there is a synergistic effect.

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Product Name: Fulvic acid

CAS No.:479-66-3

Molecular Formula:C14H12O8

Molecular weight308.24


Product Name: Fulvic acid
CAS No.: 479-66-3 Quantity 6MT
Rep Date January. 10.2022 Batch NO. 20220110FA
MFG. Date January. 10.2022 Exp.Date January.


Test items Specifications Results
Appearance Brown powder, soluble in water Brown powder, soluble in water
Standard Q/SHT001-2017
F.A. Content ≥75% 75.66%
Water Content 3-7% 4.85%
Solubility ≥99% 99.65%
Water insoluble 0.2- 1% 0.35%
Ph Value 5-7 6 09
Fineness 150Mesh 150Mesh
Conclusion: qualified

Packing: 25KG/BAG


As a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator.fertilizer


Storage in a dark, cool, ventilated, and dry environment


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