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Aluminum Lactate CAS 18917-91-4

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Product Name:Aluminum Lactate




  • Hydroxypropanoic Acid Bis(2-Hydroxy-1-Oxopropoxy)Alumanyl Ester; 2-Hydroxypropionic Acid Dilactoyloxyalumanyl Ester; Aluminum Lactate (Jan)


Molecular Structure:





Item Specifications
CAS No. 18917-91-4
Molecular Formula C9H15AlO9
Molecular Weight 294.19
Ph (1-100) 4.7-5.7
Loss on drying(105℃ 2hs),% ≤3.0
Al2O3, % 33.0-36.0
Lactic Acid,% 46.0-50.0

Packing: 25kg/Bag




Aluminum lactate is a yellow or white crystal or powder, no impurities, soluble in water, PH value 5-5.5, lactic acid content of more than 45%. It is flammable and burning will produce irritating smoke.



Aluminum lactate has the characteristics of good coagulability under alkaline conditions, good spreadability, good unity, and strong permeability, etc. When used as a refractory formulation, it ensures the operational performance of the material, and after that it is accompanied by the gelatinization of the aluminum, which increases the strength of the material, improves the rate of aeration, and improves the rate of inter-thermal adhesion of sprayed patching material, and other special effects.



Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place


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