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Valerophenone CAS 1009-14-9

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Product Details

Chemical Name: Valerophenone

Synonyms: 1-Phenyl-1-pentanone

Molecular Structure:


Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid
Purity 99.59%



Cloniclosamide, also known as Mie Ta Ling, Yu Mi Sheng, and Xue Fang 67, is a type of anti parasitic drug that drives tapeworms. It has low toxicity and high efficacy against various tapeworms. The mechanism of tapeworms is to hinder the tricarboxylic acid cycle of tapeworms, causing lactic acid accumulation and resulting in parasite death. It is the preferred drug for the prevention and treatment of tapeworm diseases in livestock, poultry, and pets. Oral administration absorbs very little from the gastrointestinal tract, maintaining a high concentration in the intestine, and has a strong insecticidal effect on pork tapeworm, beef tapeworm, and short shell tapeworm. Low concentrations of drugs can promote the uptake of oxygen by the worm, while high concentrations can inhibit the oxidative phosphorylation reaction of the mitochondria in the worm, hinder the absorption and uptake of glucose, resulting in the death of the tapeworm’s head segments and proximal segments, which detach from the intestinal wall and are excreted with feces. Mainly used for tapeworm infection, it can also be used as a snail killing drug, which can kill snails, snail eggs, schistosome cercariae, and caterpillars. The snail control rate is high, the action is slow, and the residual effect is long. It is used to prevent schistosomiasis and has a good effect at temperatures above 20 ℃. In addition, this product is harmless to humans, livestock, and plants, and highly toxic to fish, so it is prohibited in fish ponds.


Product Usage

  1. Immersion method

According to the volume of water, spraying at a rate of 2g/m is more effective when combined with sodium pentachlorophenol.


  1. Shovel Grass Edge Medicine Immersion Method

2g/m, apply medication along the riverbank, and then shovel the turf and medication together below the riverbank waterline. After 7 days, the snail control rate is above 80%.


  1. Spray method

Spray with a 0.2% solution of 2g/m2, and after 7 days, the snail killing rate is above 86%.


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place







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