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Leucocrystal Violet Cas 603-48-5

Crystal violet, also known as basic violet 3, is a crystalline powder with metallic luster or dark green, soluble in water and chloroform, purple in aqueous solution and ethanol solution, and almost insoluble in ether. They are all triphenylmethane dyes.

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Product Name:Leucocrystal Violet

Synonym:Leuco Crystal Violet

Molecular Structure:


Item Specification
CAS No 603-48-5
Molecular Formula C25H31N3
Molecular weight 373.53
Dyeing experiment qualified
Ethanol dissolution test qualified
loss on drying ≤6
burning residue ≤0.5


Packing:   25kgs/Drum or by customed.



Crystal violet is a triphenylmethane dye that can be used for spectrophotometric detection of antimony in environmental and biological samples.

Used as a reagent for the determination of thallium, zinc, antimony, titanium, cadmium, tungsten, gold and mercury.


Storage: Sheltered, dry, dark place for storage.


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