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Erythritol CAS 149-32-6

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Product Details

Chemical Name: Erythritol

Synonyms:meso-Erythritol; 1,2,3,4-Butanetetrol; meso-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroxybutane

Molecular Structure:

Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas No 149-32-6
Molecular Formula C4H10O4
Molecular Weight 122.12
Appearance White crystal
Purity 99%min



Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute that helps you stay healthy and sweet!Erythritol is extracted from cultured sugars using a natural process (fermentation).Erythritol is naturally a zero-calorie food.Unlike artificial sweeteners, which are made in the lab, erythritol is found naturally in fruits such as pears, melons and grapes, as well as in foods such as mushrooms and fermented foods such as wine, soy sauce and cheese..

erythritol is currently used as an incremental sweetener in low-calorie foods.


Product Usage

  1. Food

Baked food: It can prevent moisture and extend the shelf life of food.

Dairy products: the Osmotic pressure of Erythrose decreases, inhibits lactic acid fermentation, controls the rise of sour taste, and can extend the shelf life and shelf life of products.

Beverages: The influence of Erythrose on the main sensory characteristics of beverages is reflected in improving the sweetness, heaviness and smoothness, reducing the bitterness, covering up the odor, and improving the overall flavor of beverages.

  1. Erythrose, a health food, can be added with high sweetener in a proper amount to effectively curb the calorie intake of obese patients.
  2. Other Erythrose can not only be used in food industry, but also in medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry and many other aspects. It can partially replace glycerin to produce cosmetics and delay cosmetics deterioration.


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place



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