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Docosyltrimethylammonium Chloride CAS 17301-53-0

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Product Name: Docosyltrimethylammonium Chloride


Docosyl-Trimethyl-Ammonium Chloride; Docosyl-Trimethylammonium Chloride; Behenyl-Trimethyl-Ammonium Chloride

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 17301-53-0
Molecular Formula C25H54ClN
Molecular Weight 404.16
Appearance Light yellow to white granular solids
Active matter % 75%-80% (M=404)
Free amine % ≤ 0.5% (M=353)
PH(1% aqueous solution) 4.5-6.5
Amine hydrochloride KOHmg/g 0.00-0.50
IPA  % 0.0-20.0
Water % 0.0-2.5

Packing: 25kg/Bag



1.It is a cationic conditioner that has the effect of improving hair knots, dryness, branching, breakage, dullness, and greasiness.

2.It adsorbs with cationic affinity to damaged hair, and the biological adhesion of the composite system binds the bifurcated damaged hair, sealing the surface of the hair. With a unique mechanism of action, it enhances the hydrophobicity of the damaged hair surface and returns the damaged hair to its initial healthy and moist state.


It is suitable for shampoo, wash free conditioner, hand cream or moisturizing lotion, especially for normal and thick hair.


Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place.


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