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Dioctyl phthalate CAS 117-84-0

DOP is the most commonly used plasticizer, mainly used in the processing of polyvinyl hloride, can also be used in the processing of chemical resins, acetate resins, ABS resins and rubber and other polymers, can also be used in paint, dyes, dispersants, etc.
DOP plasticized PVC can be used in the manufacture of artificial leather, agricultural films, packaging materials, cables, etc.

DOP plasticized is one of the most widely used plasticizers in plastic processing.

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Dioctyl phthalate Quick Details

Chemical Name: 1,2-Benzenedicarbonic acid, dioctyl ester/DI-N-OCTYL PHTHALATE

CAS No.: 117-84-0

Molecular Formula: C24H38O4

Chemical Structure: Dioctyl phthalate

Molecular weight: 390.56

Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Assay: 99.0%min

Dioctyl phthalate Typical Properties

Item Specifications Results
Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Confirm
Odor Tasteless or slight odor Confirm
Content assay ≥99.0% 99.2%
Density (20℃) 0.983-0.998 g/cm3 0.998 g/cm3
Moisture ≤0.1% 0.05%
Chroma ≤40 20
Flashing point ≥195℃ 197℃
Conclusion The results conforms with GB/T11406-2001 standards


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