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D-Mannitol CAS 69-65-8

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Product Details

Chemical Name:D-Mannitol

Synonyms:,2,3,4,5,6-Hexanehexol; Diosmol; Manicol; Manita; Manna sugar

Molecular Structure:


Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas no 69-65-8
molecular formula C6H14O6
Molecular weight 182.17
Einecs 200-711-8
Appearance white needle crystal
Content 90%



D-mannitol is a good diuretic in medicine, reducing intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure, and treating kidney diseases, dehydrating agents, sugar substitutes, and also used as an excipient for tablets and a diluent for solids and liquids. As a high permeability antihypertensive drug, mannitol injection is a commonly used drug in clinical rescue, especially in the rescue of brain diseases. It has the characteristics of fast antihypertensive and accurate therapeutic effects required by drugs to reduce intracranial pressure. As an excipient for tablets, mannitol has no hygroscopicity, fast drying, good chemical stability, and has characteristics such as refreshing and good granulation properties. It is used in most tablets such as anticancer drugs, antibacterial drugs, antihistamines, and vitamins. In addition, it is also used for chewing tablets such as sobering pills and oral cooling agents. In terms of food, D-mannitol has the lowest water absorption in sugars and alcohols, and has a refreshing sweet taste. It is used for anti stick in foods such as maltose, chewing gum, and rice cakes, as well as as as as an anti stick powder for general pastries. It can also be used as food for diabetes patients, bodybuilding food and other low calorie, low sugar sweeteners. In industry, mannitol can be used in the plastic industry to make rosin esters and artificial glycerol resins, explosives, detonators (nitroglycerin), etc. Used for the determination of boron in chemical analysis and as a bacterial culture agent in biological testing. Although mannitol can be absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract, it does not accumulate in the body. After absorption, one part is metabolized in the body and the other part is excreted from the urine; Dibromomanitol can be prepared through the reaction of hydrobromic acid.

Product Usage

In terms of food, this product has low water absorption in sugars and alcohols, and has a refreshing sweet taste. It is used as an anti stick powder for foods such as maltose, chewing gum, and rice cakes, as well as for general pastries.


(1) Bread, cake, noodles, macaroni, increase raw material utilization, improve taste and flavor.


(2) Aquatic minced products, canned foods, dried seaweed, etc., strengthen tissue, maintain freshness, and enhance taste


(3) Seasoning sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, jam, cream, soy sauce, thickener and stabilizer.


(4) Fruit juice, alcohol, etc., dispersants.


(5) Ice cream and caramel sugar improve taste and stability.


(6) Frozen food, processed aquatic products, surface gel (preservation).


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place





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