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Cesium chloride CAS 7647-17-8

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Product Details

Chemical Name:Cesium chloride

Synonyms:Cesium chloride anhydrous

Molecular Structure:

Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas no 7647-17-8
CsCl CsCl
Molecular weight 168.36
Einecs 231-600-2
Appearance  white powder
Content  99%,99.9%,



Cesium chloride is paired with plutonium chloride in the atomic energy industry, and molten salt electrolysis is used to prepare metal plutonium. Cesium chloride solution is widely used in biological research for centrifugal separation of viruses and other molecules. Rare cesium chloride can enhance the activity of acetylcholinesterase.

Cesium chloride is commonly used as an analytical reagent, such as for microscopic analysis and spectral analysis. Gas chromatography stationary liquid, used for droplet analysis of trivalent chromium and gallium, and high-temperature chromatographic analysis of biphenyls and triphenyls.

Cesium chloride is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, X-ray fluorescence screens, and phototube materials. It is also used for the production of metal cesium, cesium salts, and as a raw material for cesium single crystals


Product Usage

  1. Atomic clock
  2. Cesium chloride is widely used in the manufacture of atomic clocks. An atomic clock is a high-precision timer that uses the oscillation frequency of cesium atoms to determine time. Cesium chloride can serve as a stable oscillator in atomic clocks, ensuring clock accuracy.


  1. Medicine

Cesium chloride is used as a radioactive isotope for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Cs-137 is a radioactive isotope that can kill cancer cells through radiation. It is also used to treat hyperthyroidism and other thyroid diseases.


  1. Industrial production

Cesium chloride is also widely used in industrial production. It can be used as a catalyst, electrolyte, and battery material. Cesium chloride can also be used to manufacture optical glass and transistors.


  1. Scientific research

Cesium chloride is also widely used in scientific research. It can be used as a reagent in the laboratory for analyzing and detecting other elements. Cesium chloride can also be used to manufacture semiconductor devices and lasers.


  1. Earth Science

Cesium chloride is also widely used in Earth science research. It can be used as a radioactive isotope in geochronology to determine the age of rocks and soils. Cesium chloride can also be used for analyzing marine sediment and ice core samples


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place








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