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Butyl methacrylate CAS 97-88-1

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Product Name: Butyl methacrylate

Synonym: 2-Methyl-2-propenoic acid butyl ester; 2-Methyl butyl acrylate; BMA

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 97-88-1
Molecular Formula C8H14O2
Molecular Weight 142.20
Appearance Colorless liquid
Purity ≥99.5% (GC)
Acid value(MAA) ≤0.01%
Moisture ≤0.03%
Color ≤5 (Pt-Co)
Polymerization inhibitor 10±5 ppm MEHQ

Packing: 200kg/Drum; 180kg/Drum



Butyl methacrylate can be used as a comonomer for modified organic glass. Its monomer polymer has high adhesion and good elasticity, and can be used to make transparent interlayer materials for composite safety glass; Polymers or copolymers of butyl methacrylate are used as insulation pouring adhesives, anti halo layers and waterproof coatings for photographic films, car paints, synthetic adhesives, oil additives, and finishing agents for paper, leather, and textiles.


  1. It is used for producing modified organic glass, transparent film, and manufacturing finishing agents for paper, fabrics, leather, etc
  2. It is used for the synthesis of plastics and organic compounds.

3.Used as coating and solvent.


Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place.


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