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Benzophenone CAS 119-61-9


Benzophenone is an ultraviolet radiation absorber and intermediate Such as paints, inks, adhesives,etc.

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Product name:Benzophenone

CAS No.: 119-61-9


Appearance White flakes
Purity ≥99.7%
Melting Point 46-49 ℃
Volatiles ≤0.1%
Color(Pt/Co) ≤60


Organic pigments,medicines, medicines,flavors and pesticides ; The pharmaceutical industry mainly for the production of double-loop B piperidine, benzoic tropicamide hydrobromide, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, phenytoin, etc. it is also the inhibitor of styrene and fixative of perfumery compound.

To give spice to sweet flavor, is widely used in perfume and soap Flavor.


25KGS kraft paper bag or packing according to the specifications of the buyer (Can be canned).

Shelf Life and Delivery

Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture in original unopened packaging stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


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