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Ambroxane CAS 6790-58-5


Ambergris ether is a synthetic fragrance with special natural ambergris aroma. It is recognized as one of the best substitutes for natural ambergris. It is one of the most critical trace components of natural ambergris tincture.

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Product Name: Ambroxane

Synonym:  N/A

CAS No.:  6790-58-5

Molecular Formula:C16H28O

Molecular weight236.39


Appearance White Crystal
Odor Characteristic
Taste Characteristic
Melting Point 74 ℃ – 76 ℃
Solubility Soluble (1g in 10 ml absolute Ethanol)
Assay ≥99.0%
Loss on drying ≤0.5%
Ash ≤0.3%
Heavy Metals ≤10 ppm
Aerobic bacterialcount ≤1,000 cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold ≤100 cfu/g
Escherichia coli Negative
Salmonella Negative

 Packing: 25kg/drum


Ambroxol has a strong, special ambergris aroma. It is used in high-grade perfumes and cosmetic essences. Because it has no irritation to the human body and no allergic reaction to animals, it is very suitable for the fragrance of skin, hair and fabrics. It is often used in soaps, talcum powders, creams and shampoos to add fragrance and fix fragrance. The general dosage is 0.1%-0.Chemicalbook2%. Freshly distilled pure product, its aroma is not outstanding, when diluted to 10% with alcohol and exposed to the air for a period of time, the aroma will become softer and more mellow and beautiful. The fragrance fixation effect of this product is very outstanding, which can greatly improve the diffusion and penetration effect of the fragrance, and the enhancement and enhancement effect has been carried out from the top fragrance of the fragrance.


Storage:  Store in a dark place


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