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2-Ketoglutaric acid CAS 328-50-7

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Product Details

Chemical Name:2-Ketoglutaric acid

Synonyms:2-Oxoglutaric acid; 2-Oxopentanedioic acid ; alpha-Ketoglutaric acid

Molecular Structure:

Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas no 328-50-7
Molecular formula C5H6O5
Molecular weight 146.1
Einecs 206-330-3
Appearance white crystalline powder
Content 99%



α- Ketoglutaric acid is an important biomolecule and one of the important intermediate products in the tricarboxylic acid cycle. It is a nitrogen transporter and a symbiotic substance in molecular oxidation. It plays an important role in the metabolism of microbial cells and is also an important precursor for the synthesis of various amino acids and proteins. It can be used as a nutritional enhancer, as a component of sports nutrition drinks, organic intermediates, biochemical reagents, and liver testing


Product Usage

1.α- Ketoglutaric acid can be used as a nutritional enhancer as a component in sports nutrition drinks


2.It can also be used as organic intermediates, biochemical reagents, supporting reagents for liver function testing, and physical enhancement supplements.


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place


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