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Organic Intermediate/Raw materials

1-Nitropropane CAS 108-03-2

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Product Details

Chemical Name:1-Nitropropane


Molecular Structure:

Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas no 108-03-2
Molecular formula C3H7NO2
Molecular weight 89.09
Einecs 203-544-9
Appearance Colorless or slight yellowtransparent liquid
Content 99.0 %min



This product is mainly used as a solvent for coatings, dyes, synthetic resins, fibers, and synthetic rubber; It is also an intermediate in the production of chemical raw materials such as amines, hydroxylamines, nitrohydroxy compounds, and chloronitroalkanes; It can also be used as fuel for jet engines, etc.

Product Usage

  1. As a solvent

It has strong solubility in alcohols, ketones, ethers, esters, as well as dyes, fats, waxes, resins, and synthetic rubber. Used in conjunction with alcohol as a strong solvent for acetic acid fibers; Dissolve triacetic acid fibers in a solvent that can replace chlorinated hydrocarbons in combination with alcohol and hydrocarbons. As a low-temperature solvent, it can dissolve the copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate, and can also be used to dissolve nitric acid fibers.


  1. Intermediates

Intermediates of chemical products such as amines, hydroxylamines, nitro hydroxy compounds, and chlorinated nitroalkanes, such as nitropropane and methane, can be hydrolyzed in the presence of sulfuric acid to obtain hydroxylamine sulfate and propionic acid.


  1. Medicine

Used in the production of anti tuberculosis drug ethambutol hydrochloride.


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place














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