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The Use, Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Sulfate

What is aluminum sulfate?

Aluminum sulfate is an inorganic substance. In the paper industry, it is used as a precipitating agent for rosin gum, wax emulsion, and other rubber materials and as a flocculant in water treatment. It can also be used as an internal retention agent for foam fire extinguishers, a raw material for making alum and aluminum white, a raw material for petroleum decolorization, deodorant, medicine, etc. It can also produce artificial gemstones and high-grade ammonium alum.

Uses of Aluminum Sulfate

The use of aluminum sulfate mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Used as a paper sizing agent in the paper industry to improve the water-resistance and anti-seepage performance of the paper.

2. After the fine particles and natural colloidal particles in the water are dissolved in water, they can be condensed into large flocs and removed from the water. Therefore, it is used as a coagulant for feed water and wastewater.

3. After dissolving in water, it can make the fine particles and natural colloidal particles in the water agglomerate into large flocs, which can be removed from the water, so it is used as a coagulant for water supply and wastewater.

4. In the fire protection industry, it can be used as a foam fire extinguishing agent with baking soda and foaming agents.

5. Analytical reagents, mordants, tanning agents, oil decolorizers, and wood preservatives.

6. Stabilizers for albumin pasteurization (including liquid or frozen whole eggs, whites, or yolks).

7. It can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of artificial gemstones, high-grade ammonium alum, and other aluminates.

8. In the fuel industry, chrome yellow and lake dyes are simultaneously used as precipitating agents, color fixing agents, and fillers.

9. It can be used as an effective cross-linking agent for animal glue to increase the viscosity of animal glue. It can also be used as a curing agent for urea-formaldehyde adhesives. 20% aqueous solution solidifies faster.

10. Aluminum sulfate is also used to adjust soil pH because it hydrolyzes to form aluminum hydroxide and produces a small amount of dilute sulfuric acid solution.

For example

In water treatment, aluminum sulfate is widely used for its excellent coagulation and sedimentation performance.

The applicable pH range of aluminum sulfate is related to the hardness of raw water. When dealing with soft water, the appropriate pH value is 5-6.6. When dealing with medium hard water, the suitable pH value is 6.6-7.2. To deal with high hard water, the suitable pH value is 7.2-7.8. The applicable water temperature range of aluminum sulfate is 20℃ ~ 40℃, and the coagulation effect is very poor when it is lower than 10℃. Aluminum sulfate is less corrosive and easy to use, but the hydrolysis reaction is slow and requires a certain amount of alkali to be consumed.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum sulfate


1. A large number of positively charged and stable polynuclear aluminum hydroxy aluminum complexes can effectively promote flocculation and sizing.

2. The appearance is white, and the iron content is low, which can meet the needs of papermaking.

3. Aluminum sulfate is only suitable for acid sizing, while aluminum chloride can be used for sizing in acidic and neutral environments, which greatly reduces the corrosion of the system and makes white water treatment easier.

4. It can be filled with cheap calcium carbonate filler, which not only reduces the production cost but also improves the whiteness and folding resistance of the paper. It also overcomes the inevitable shortcomings of synthetic rubber (such as AKD, etc.) (such as slippage, sizing is difficult to control, etc.).

5. After using aluminum chloride for sizing, the retention and drainage effects of the slurry are significantly improved.

6. Except for the breaking length of the paper, all other indicators have been improved to varying degrees.


Aluminum sulfate has a certain stimulating effect on the eyes and mucous membranes. Ingesting a large amount of aluminum sulfate by mistake can stimulate the mouth and stomach. In addition, aluminum sulfate also has special combustion and explosion characteristics, and it is decomposed by high heat to produce toxic sulfide fumes. Firefighters must wear full-body fireproof and anti-virus clothing when extinguishing the fire and put out the fire in the upwind direction. When extinguishing the fire, move the container from the fire scene to an open place as much as possible.

In the end

Aluminum sulfate is widely used in industry today. Because of its convenient transportation, low synthesis cost, and good effect, it is loved by many users. Jinbangch has many years of experience in the production and sales of aluminum sulfate. We can provide the most professional technology and product services according to your needs. Contact us now and you will get free samples.

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