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Zinc p-toluenesulfinate CAS 24308-84-7

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Product Name: Zinc p-toluenesulfinate


zinc bis[p-toluenesulphinate];

Molecular Structure:


Item Specifications
CAS No. 24308-84-7
Molecular Formula Zn(C7H7O2S)2
Molecular Weight 383.76
Appearance White powder
Content, % ≥99.00
Decomposition Temperature, ℃ 215~225
Moisture, % ≤10


Packing: 25KG/Drum; 25KG/Bag


Zinc benzenesulfinate dihydrate is a white fine powder with two molecules of internal Water of crystallization, insoluble in general solvents and water, melting point above 210 ℃, high photothermal stability, non-toxic, and not dangerous. There is no moisture absorption phenomenon at room temperature, and the chemical properties are stable.


This product is a catalytic active agent for the main decomposition of AC foaming agent foaming performance, suitable for all foaming agents, including ADC raw powder processing activation. The melting point of the product is close to the decomposition temperature of AC foaming agent. It has good dispersibility with resin and AC foaming agent, and can improve and promote the miscibility of resin and AC foaming agent, as well as the foam uniformity of the end product. It completely promotes the decomposition and foaming of AC foaming agent (100%), while improving the whiteness and glossiness of the product. It can improve and reduce the use of AC foaming agent (only with a utilization rate of 60-90% without using AC foaming agent). At the same time, it can greatly reduce the decomposition temperature of its AC foaming agent (or other foaming agents), activate and promote the decomposition rate of the foaming agent (100%) to fully decompose, and greatly increase the gas generation of the product (more than double). At the same time, it can absorb heat evenly to control the heat released from AC decomposition (release water vapor to absorb heat/promote the decomposition of the foaming agent), which is a feature that other zinc salts do not have (zinc oxide/basic Zinc carbonate), Add an amount of (AC foaming agent) of 3-20%. Widely used in all rubber and plastic foaming agents (such as AC/RA) foaming processes.


It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. This product is stable, non flammable, and flame retardant at room temperature.


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