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Triethyl Citrate (TEC) Cas 77-93-0

This product is a non-toxic plasticizer with strong solubility and good compatibility with many resins.

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Product Name: TEC  Triethyl citrate

Molecular Structure:


Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Chroma APHA ≤30
Content ≥99
Acid value ≤0.25
Heavy metal ppm ≤10.0 ppm
Loss on drying ≤0.25
CAS No. 77-93-0
Molecular Formula C12H20O7
Molecular weight 276.28


Packing: 25L or 200L /drum.



It is mainly used as a plasticizer for thermoplastic resins such as cellulose and vinyl, also used in the coating industry, and can also be used as a berry-type food flavor.

It is widely used as a plasticizer for vinyl resins and cellulose resins. Products plasticized with it have good oil resistance, light resistance and mildew resistance. It is suitable for non-toxic PVC granulation, ink, paint, children’s soft toys, medical products, flavors and fragrances and other industries.



Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.


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