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Photoinitiator-819 CAS No162881-26-7

Photoinitiator (PI) is the key component of photo-curing materials, which plays a decisive role in the photo-curing speed of photo-curing materials. Photoinitiator is a kind of material that can absorb radiant energy, undergo photochemical changes upon excitation, and produce active intermediates (free radicals or cations) with the ability to initiate polymerization. Photoinitiators can be divided into ultraviolet light initiators (absorbing ultraviolet light in the range of 250 ~ 420 nm) and visible light initiators (absorbing visible light in the range of 400 ~ 700 nm) because of different radiation energy. Photoinitiators can be divided into two categories: free radical photoinitiators and cationic photoinitiators due to different active intermediates. Type-I free radical photoinitiators can be divided into two types: cracking type photoinitiators and hydrogen-capturing type photoinitiators, due to the different mechanisms of generating free radicals. At present, the photocuring technology is mainly ultraviolet curing, and the photoinitiator used is ultraviolet photoinitiator.

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Product Name:Phenylbis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide

Synonym: Photoinitiator-819

CAS No.: 162881-26-7

Molecular Formula:C26H27O3P

Molecular weight418.47



Slightly yellow powder






Melting range













  1. 25 kg bag, plastic inside and woven outside.
  2. The package can be adjusted as required.
  3. The buyer’s trademark can be affixed.


Photoinitiator-819 can also be used in colored UV-curable plastic coatings. UV coatings have been widely used on plastic shells of various electronic and household appliances products because of its excellent performance and efficient production. However, the UV coating is not well cured in deep layer after coloring, resulting in poor film adhesion and poor dispersion and arrangement of pigments by UV resin, which seriously affects the appearance of the coating. Therefore, the traditional construction technology is to apply solvent-based colored primer for coloring, and then apply UV varnish after baking to improve various physical properties of the coating surface.


Keep ventilated and dry, avoid the sun, and store at normal temperature.


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