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Phenyltrichlorosilane CAS 98-13-5

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Product Details

Chemical Name: Phenyltrichlorosilane

Synonyms: Phenyltrichloro-silan

Molecular Structure:


Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas No 98-13-5
Molecular Formula C6H5Cl3Si
Molecular Weight 211.55
Appearance Colorless liquid
Assay 98%min
Density(25℃,cm³) 1.321
Flash point℃ 91
Color (Co-Pt) 10max
Refractive index 1.523



Phenyltrichlorosilane (PTCS) is a transparent liquid mainly used for the synthesis of downstream products and intermediates of phenyl.

Product Usage

  1. Preparation of organic silicon intermediates such as phenyloxysilane:


  1. Preparation of halogen-free flame retardants:


  1. Substrate decoration as a layered organic thin film transistor in the electronics industry:


  1. Provide terminal products with high and low temperature resistance, chemical stability, radiation resistance, high refractive index, light transmittance, and other properties. Terminal products are widely used in high-precision and cutting-edge fields such as military industry, aerospace, nuclear industry, etc

Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place



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