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Oxalic acid CAS 144-62-7

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Product Details

Chemical Name:Oxalic acid

Synonyms:Oxalic acid anhydrous; Ethanedionic acid

Molecular Structure:


Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas no 144-62-7
Molecular formula C2H2O4
Molecular weight 90.03
Einecs 205-634-3
Appearance White crystal powder
Content 98%



Oxalic acid is mainly used in the production of antibiotics and drugs such as borneol, as well as solvents for extracting rare metals, dye reducing agents, tanning agents, etc. In addition, oxalic acid can also be used to synthesize various oxalate esters, oxalates, and oxalamides, among which diethyl oxalate, sodium oxalate, calcium oxalate, and other products have the highest yield. Oxalic acid can also be used for the production of cobalt molybdenum aluminum catalysts, cleaning of metals and marble, and bleaching of textiles.


Product Usage


  1. Mainly used as a reducing agent and bleaching agent, as a mordant in the printing and dyeing industry, and also for refining rare metals, synthesizing various oxalates, oxalates, and oxalamides


  1. Used as an analytical reagent


  1. Used as experimental reagents, chromatographic analysis reagents, dye intermediates, and reference materials



Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place




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