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Monolaurate CAS 142-18-7

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Product Details

Chemical Name: Monolaurate

Synonyms: 3-Dodecanoyloxy-1,2-propanediol; Dodecanoic acid alpha-monoglyceride; Glycerin 1-monolaurate; Glycerol 1-laurate; Glycerol 1-monododecanoate; Glycerol 1-monolaurate; Glycerol alpha-monolaurate; Glyceryl laurate; Glyceryl monododecanoate; Glyceryl monolaurate; Lauric acid 1-monoglyceride; Lauric acid alpha-monoglyceride; Lauricidin; Luaricidin; NSC 698570; alpha-Monolaurin

Molecular Structure:

Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas No 142-18-7
Molecular Formula C15H30O4
Molecular Weight 274.40
Appearance White to Almost white powder
Water 1%max
Acid (mg KOH/g) 05%max



The advantage of Monolaurate is that it is “not a preservative, better than a preservative” and has the ability to resist pathogenic microbial infections. It is a safe and efficient broad-spectrum bactericide that inhibits HIV, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus, cold virus, as well as a large number of bacteria and protozoa. Its antibacterial effect is not affected by pH, and is generally effective within the pH range of 4-8, superior to sorbic acid, benzoic acid, and p-hydroxybenzoate.


Product Usage

Monolaurate is not only an excellent emulsifier, but also a safe, efficient, and broad-spectrum antibacterial agent that is not limited by pH, and still has good antibacterial effects under neutral or slightly alkaline conditions, especially suitable for application in the special oil industry.


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place



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