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Magnesium Salicylate CAS 18917-95-8

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Product Name: Magnesium Salicylate


Bis(salicylato)magnesium tetrahydrate;

Molecular Structure:



Item Specifications
CAS No. 18917-95-8
Molecular Formula C14H10MgO6.4(H2O)
Molecular Weight 314.53
Appearance white crystalline powder
Content, % 98.0-103.0
Magnesium, % 7.9-8.5
Loss on Drying, % 17.5-20.0
Heavy Metal,  % ≤ 0.004


Packing: 25KG/Drum; 25KG/Bag


This product is a white crystalline powder, odorless, and has weathering properties. The aqueous solution exhibits a slightly acidic reaction and is easily soluble in ethanol, while it is soluble in water.


Magnesium Salicylate is a kind of salicylic acid medicine and intermediate, which is used for anti rheumatism, anti stimulation, as well as daily cosmetics and essence.


Store in a sealed and dry place away from light.


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