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Dichloromethane CAS 75-09-2

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Product Details

Chemical Name:Dichloromethane

Synonyms:Methylene dichloride

Molecular Structure:

Product Typical Properties

Items Specification
Cas no 75-09-2
Molecular formula CH2Cl2
Molecular weight 84.93
Einecs 200-838-9
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Content 99.9%



It is a non combustible low boiling solvent used as a solvent in cellulose acetate film formation, aerosols, antibiotics, and vitamin production. It is also used as an extractant, metal cleaning agent, and so on.


Product Usage

  1. Dichloromethane is a raw material for the production of fungicides nitrile and imidazole, and is also a good solvent.


  1. In addition to being used in organic synthesis, this product is also widely used as a film forming agent for cellulose acetate, a filament drawing agent for cellulose triacetate, a solvent for petroleum dewaxing, aerosol and antibiotic, vitamin, and steroid compound production, as well as a cleaning, degreasing, and film removing agent for metal surface paint layers.


  1. It is also used for grain fumigation and refrigeration of low-pressure refrigerators and air conditioning devices. It is used as auxiliary foaming agent in the production of polyether urethane foam and as foaming agent for extruded polysulfone foam.


  1. Extraction solvent. Used to extract caffeine from coffee beans. And used as an extraction solvent for hops, spices, oleoresins, etc. Pigment diluent.


  1. Used as a solvent and also for organic synthesis purposes as a solvent in the resin and plastic industries. Widely used in industries such as medicine, plastics, and film.


  1. Cellulose acetate solvent. Fat and oil extractants. Substitutes of ether and petroleum ether.


Product Packaging



Product Storage

Please store in a dry, cool and dark place














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