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Clopidol CAS 2971-90-6

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Product Name:Clopidol






Molecular Structure:





Item Specifications
CAS No. 2971-90-6
Molecular Formula C7H7Cl2NO
Molecular Weight 192.04
Content (%) 99.00 %


Packing: 25kg/Bag




Chlorohydroxypyridine, also known as dichlorodimethylpyridinol, clopidol (clopidol). It is white or off-white powder, very slightly soluble in methanol or ethanol, insoluble in water, acetone, ether, benzene, belongs to pyridine compounds, has a wide range of anticoccidial effects, generally used in the prevention and treatment of avian and rabbit coccidiosis.




It has good effect on Eimeria, especially the strongest effect on Eimeria flexneri. Its peak activity is the ascospore stage (i.e., the first day of infection), so it can be given before or at the same time as the infection, as a preventive drug or early treatment is more appropriate. It has been proved that chlorohydroxypyridine can inhibit the immunity of chickens to coccidia, and stopping the drug too early often leads to outbreaks of coccidiosis. At present, it is believed that the coccidia are easy to produce drug resistance to this product. This product also has a certain effect on the prevention and control of rabbit coccidia.



Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place


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