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Flame Retardant

BDP/Bisphenol-A Bis(diphenyl phosphate) Cas 181028-79-5

BDP is a halogen-free flame retardant belonging to the oligomeric phosphate ester group. It is based on bisphenol A and bisphosphonates as monomers

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Product Name: BDP

Synonym: Bisphenol-A bis(diphenyl phosphate)

Molecular Structure:


Color APHA ≤80
Viscosity(70℃) mPa.S 120-220
BDP Content (DPn=1) wt% 80-89
TPP Content wt% ≤1.5
IPP content wt% ≤0.04
Half-Ester wt% ≤0.2
Phenol Content(PPM) ≤100
Acid Number(mg KOH/g) ≤0.1
CAS Number 5945-33-5
Molecular Formula C39H34O8P2
Molecular weight 692.63

Packing: 200L drum or 1000L IBC DRUM



BDP is especially suitable for engineering resin alloys, including PC/ABS and PPO-PPE/HIPS for electrical and electronic accessories. According to fire safety standards, BDP is usually used in an amount of about 8 to 18 phr. In contrast, BDP does not require any synergist (usually antimony oxide), so it has good cycle ability. In addition, it also has good low volatility and thermal stability in the production process of most engineering thermoplastic resins . Thin-walled molds can be produced due to the obvious fluidity of BDP. Finally, its hydrolysis resistance is superior compared to other flame retardants.​



Being kept in dry, clean warehouse with well ventilation.

Avoid exposing to light and heating.

Protecting the product from leakage, rain and insolation during transportation.



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