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Flame Retardant

Ammonium polyphosphate CAS 68333-79-9

Ammonium polyphosphate is white powder in appearance, close to neutral, and can be mixed with any other substance, but it does not change chemically. Short-chain (n≤20)APP is water-soluble, while long-chain (n>20)APP is hardly soluble in water, and its solubility increases greatly with the increase of temperature. APP can be hydrolyzed, and the hydrolysis speed varies with particle size, temperature and pH value. With the increase of temperature and the decrease of pH value, the hydrolysis is accelerated. APP has good thermal stability, and its thermal decomposition temperature is above 250℃. When it decomposes, it releases ammonia and water and generates phosphoric acid, which is completely decomposed at 700℃. Remaining 6% ~ 7% residue.

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Product Name: ammonium polyphosphate

Synonym:  polyphosphoric acids ammonium salts

CAS No.68333-79-9

Molecular Formula(NH4PO3) n n<20

Molecular weight149.086741



appearance White granular powder
stacking density  










P content  





N content  



polymerization degree  












  1. 25 kg bag, plastic inside and woven outside.
  2. The package can be adjusted as required.
  3. The buyer’s trademark can be affixed.



  1. Widely used in water-based fireproof coating.
  2. The water solubility is high, and it can be prepared into 20%P-N flame retardant liquid, which can be used for flame retardant treatment of textiles, paper, fiber and wood alone or in combination.
  3. It can be prepared into high-concentration flame retardant liquid higher than 50% to meet the flame retardant requirements of special production. 4. Combustibles can be treated by spraying, soaking and pressing, so that the combustibles can meet the flame retardant requirements.
  4. It can be used in N-P compound fertilizer.



Keep ventilated and dry, avoid the sun, and store at normal temperature.


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