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Sodium fluoride CAS 7681-49-4

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Product Name: Sodium fluoride





Item Specifications
CAS No. 7681-49-4
Molecular Formula NaF
Molecular Weight 41.99
Appearance     White crystalline powder
NaF 98 Min

Packing: 25kg/Bag



Sodium fluoride is an ionic compound without odor; its aqueous solution is weakly alkaline and dissolves in hydrofluoric acid to form sodium hydrogen fluoride, which can corrode glass. Sodium fluoride is an important fluoride salt widely used in fields such as wood preservatives, brewing fungicides, electrolytic aluminum regulators, and dental fluorinating agents.


Used in the manufacturing of boiling steel, fluorination of drinking water, insecticides, refining and protection of light metals, cleaning fluids for steel and other metals, brazing fluxes and fluxes, fluxes and sunscreens for ceramics, glass, and enamel, leather and skin treatment in the leather industry, wood anti-corrosion, and adhesive anti-corrosion.



Sodium fluoride is an inorganic and toxic substance that should be stored in a dry warehouse to avoid damage, contamination, and dampness; Stacked in batches, not mixed with acids or food; Transport with clean vehicles.


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